kara franseen

lead commercial designer 

Kara Franseen is the newest addition to the In Site Designs team, bringing with her a wide range of commercial design experience from corporate interiors to fitness centers to boutique retail stores. Her passion for interior architecture and design stems from the belief that good design reflects the heartbeat of each client and infuses this into both the form and function of the built environment. The fun in any design lies in mixing the understated and the bold – building a space with character and class that seamlessly blends its variety of design elements.

Finding inspiration through a variety of experiences, Kara takes every opportunity to travel, try new food, visit local coffee shops, climb mountains, or enjoy live concerts. As a Greenville native, Kara cares both about celebrating small businesses and growing her design eye through outside influence.

“Design is communication. It speaks without words, causing people to feel engaged or reserved, rested or playful, intimate or outspoken – the possibilities are endless. It’s this potential that draws me to the design process again and again.”



27 Mohawk Drive | Greenville, SC 29609 | (864) 520-8288