Tom Kassab


I’ve been a customer since they first opened. I build and remodel residential and commercial properties. Having the right partnership with a design firm is mandatory for me. Basically, it saves me time and money. My properties are always getting compliments on how well coordinated the build, colors and materials turn out. I’ve worked with other design companies, and I can tell you, they are not all created equal.

When I started working with Katie Skoloff, many years ago, I felt an instant synergy between our two firms. We were both on the same page. My properties now rent/sell quickly. Because each one has that added “Wow” factor that my competition lacks. So, with me, time is money, investing in the services of In Site Design is a pleasure and exciting.

We are currently working on my new personal home in Parkins Mill. Let me tell you, this design is absolutely incredible. Katie and her team help me from the very beginning with the floor plans to the exterior elevations. I can’t wait to start picking out the furniture with them. It’s always so much fun and exciting having the assurance, my project is going to turn out spectacular! I feel this home will surely be a trend setter for this area.

All in all, Katie and her team are well trained professionals that have the most creative talent while keeping my projects on budget. Their level of integrity is so refreshing. I can count on this team to deliver! What I love the most, they EXCEED MY EXPECTATIONS over and over! I highly recommend In Site Designs for your next project. You’ll be glad you did!

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