paige hawks

7 oaks

“I had the pleasure of working with Chisana on our home renovation and can say that she is truly a master of her craft.  Her ability to present me with what I could see in my head, but couldn’t always articulate, made her a dream to work with.  She is among a rare breed of artists who are not only gifted creatively, but possess a strong business acumen as well.  In all the chaos that a home renovation can bring – especially from the contractor’s side – Chisana’s organization, clear communication and meticulous work ethic was a breath of fresh air.  I had confidence knowing that if Chisana handled it, it was going to be right.  I would work with her a million times over!”

1211 Pendleton Street, Suite 105 ​ | Greenville, SC 29611 | (864) 520-8288