brian hamil

Hamil Unit at Markley Place

“When we made the decision to hire the In Site Designs team, we knew our West End Greenville condo would be nothing short of creative and inspiring.  Katie and Ashton were consistently enthusiastic, energetic and creatively cutting edge in their design approach with us – always measured with the skill of seasoned communication and organization.  The design plans in our condo made dynamic and innovative use of materials, colors, textures and space.


We absolutely love our Greenville condo.  Thanks to the In Site Designs team, the colors, textures, lighting, and unique design elements have exceeded our expectations.  As we reflect on the unique and inspiring personality of our Greenville condo, our hearts sing!!”

1211 Pendleton Street, Suite 105 ​ | Greenville, SC 29611 | (864) 520-8288