Blue Ridge Orthodontics

Nestled in the mountains of Asheville, his nationally recognized and award winning healthcare interior is a space rich in texture and style derived from earth elements. Wood, stone, metals and live plants adorn the building making it an office that is intrinsically inviting. All of the finishes selected for the office and patient care areas are preserved in their original form; from the raw leathers to the polished concrete and the sculptural wood walls, no opportunity for this reach was missed. Instead of media and technology, patients engage with hundreds of curated live plant arrangements and moss artwork in the waiting room and while in the open treatment bay the sights turn to a private bamboo garden. As designers, our goal was to make the customer’s visual experience at Blue Ridge Orthodontics unlike any other in the region. 

1211 Pendleton Street, Suite 105 ​ | Greenville, SC 29611 | (864) 520-8288