Scout Guide First Edition, Summer 2015

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The Scout Guide (TSG) supports local, independently owned businesses by celebrating the unique and talented artisans, artists, and entrepreneurs found in each of our communities. By capturing the best of local, TSG promotes and protects the homegrown businesses that make towns distinct.

TSG is committed to the ideas of buying with intention and adopting a local lifestyle: valuing, quality over quantity, relationship over convenience, and originality over artificiality.

Anyone can tell you that the definition of style is hard to put into words. On one hand, we think that the perfect outfit will do the trick. That works until we see someone (or even worse, ourselves) in an ensemble that should by anyone’s standards be an outstanding choice, only to find that it is in fact exactly the right look except for the fact that it is being worn by exactly the wrong person.

So how do we decide what’s style and what’s not? The only thing we can tell you is that we know it when we see it.  In Site Designs was proud to have Katie honored as one of Greenville’s Top 10 most stylish people. Lots of fun was to be had with friends, family and clients all gathering to celebrate the festive occasion!

In Site Designs was asked to showcase their firm in Greenville’s first Scout Guide which was published with a release party in the summer of 2015.  The In Site Designs team posed in their clients’, Mike and Linda Yopp’s, foyer for the image seen here.