chisana hice-smith

lead designer

Chisana, who is named after a Valley in Alaska, is a native to Travelers Rest. She now lives in Greenville after graduating from Anderson University where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Interior Design. ‘Shoe’ infuses energy and passion into her designs that electrify her interiors. Her thinking is sharp yet outside of the box and she charges her design with imaginative solutions, daring blasé and ordinary to even exist.

Shoe has been with In Site Designs for over 4 years and is a furniture guru and stylist. She blends the unexpected to create magical spaces which come to life with the perfect mix of texture and glint. She has begun studying for her design boards to become nationally licensed and certified under the NCIDQ Council. Chisana finds her passions in art, travel, cooking and literature.

“I channel my creativity through building Interiors that are overflowing with personality and the eclectic tastes of each owner. Seeing the unpredictable come together to produce a unique work of art, gives me the greatest joy.”



27 Mohawk Drive | Greenville, SC 29609 | (864) 607-3153