sumeer and megha lal

downtown greenville, sc

“I had the pleasure of working with Katie during the renovation of my home. This was my first experience with renovating a house and the many designs decisions that accompany such a project. It could have easily become an overwhelming task, but with Katie’s guidance, it never once felt this way. This was also my first experience working with an interior designer. Katie is very perceptive, understanding my design preferences after our first meeting. I clearly remember leaving that first consultation with Katie feeling a sense of relief that she was on board to help guide us through the endeavor. She was keenly aware of what we wanted for the design of the house even when I was not sure myself. I absolutely recommend Katie and the In Site Designs team and could not imagine having gone through this exiting project without them.”

27 Mohawk Drive | Greenville, SC 29609 | (864) 607-3153